About Me

I just wrapped up my PhD in Botany in Ken Sytsma’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison! The Sytsma lab focuses on plant systematics and biogeography with emphasis on a few different plant groups. Starting in August, I will be moving to Penn State as a postdoc in Tanya Renner’s lab! The Renner lab looks at evolutionary patterns and processes of adaptation and functional diversification in plants and insects, and I will be delving into research on the sundew genus, Drosera. I welcome you to look through my website to explore more about what I do!

I am from New York City, but I have enjoyed both college and graduate school in the Midwest. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading novels, and playing piano.


e-mail: czd429@psu.edu

One thought on “About Me

  1. Anna Hargreaves (McGill) told me about yr talk in Portland (?) on yr thesis project. i’d be curious to compare notes as i’m interested in the distribution of Crataegus douglasii – presumably we share an appreciation of the Marquis and Voss paper in Michigan Botanist (1981).


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