Awards / Publications


  • UW-Madison Campus-Wide TA Award for Exceptional Service (2016)
  • Judith Croxdale Fellowship for Women in Science (2016)
  • BSA Graduate Student Research Award (2015)
  • ASPT Graduate Student Research Grant (2015)
  • Flora Aeterna Fellowship (2014)
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention (2014)
  • Lewis and Clark Field Scholar (2013)


  • Kriebel, R, BT Drew, CP Drummond, JG González-Gallegos, F Celep, MM Mahdjoub, JP Rose, C-L Xiang, G-X Hu, JB Walker, EM Lemmon, AR Lemmon, and KJ Sytsma. 2019. Tracking the temporal shifts in area, biomes, and pollinators in the radiation of Salvia (sages) across continents: leveraging Anchored Hybrid Enrichment and targeted sequence data. American Journal of Botany 106:573-597.
  • Smith, SA, JW Brown, Y Yang, R Bruenn, CP Drummond, SF Brockington, JF Walker, N Last, NA Douglas, MJ Moore. 2017. Disparity, Diversity, and Duplications in the Caryophyllales. New Phytologist 217:836-854.
  • Drew, BT, JG González-Gallegos, C-L Xiang, R Kriebel, CP Drummond, JB Walker, KJ Sytsma. 2017. Salvia united: the greatest good for the greatest number. Taxon 66:133-145.
  • Baum DA, C Ané, B Larget, C Solís-Lemus, LST Ho, P Boone, CP Drummond, M Bontrager, SJ Hunter, W Saucier. 2015. Statistical evidence for common ancestry: application to primates. Evolution 70:1354-1363.
  • Sulman JD, BT Drew, C Drummond, E Hayasaka, KJ Sytsma. 2013. Systematics, biogeography, and character evolution of Sparganium (Typhaceae): Diversification of a widespread, aquatic lineage. American Journal of Botany 100:2023-2039.

Research Presentations

  • Drummond, C.P. and K.J. Sytsma. Great Lakes-Western North American disjunct plants: a review of the distribution and three phylogeographic case studies. Paper, Botany 2018 conference, Rochester, MN.
  • Drummond, C.P. and K.J. Sytsma. The temporal puzzle of North American disjunct plants. Poster, Evolution 2017 conference, Portland, OR.
  • Drummond, C.P. and K.J. Sytsma. A comparison of two Western North America-Great Lakes disjuncts using phylogeography, population genetics, and niche modeling. Paper, Botany 2016 conference, Savannah, GA.
  • Drummond, C.P. and K.J. Sytsma. The case of the western North America-Great Lakes disjuncts. Poster, Botany 2015 conference, Alberta, Canada.
  • Drummond et al. The age and origins of arid adaptations and gypsum endemism in Nyctaginaceae inferred using relaxed molecular dating. Poster, Botany 2012 conference, Columbus, OH.

Teaching Presentations

  • Drummond, C.P. Persistence of student evolution misconceptions in a plant systematics course. Poster, UW-Madison Teaching and Learning Symposium 2017, Madison, WI.
  • Perna N., C.P. Drummond,… J.F. Crow Institute – On Teaching Evolution. Poster, UW-Madison Teaching and Learning Symposium 2014, Madison, WI.